It’s Time That Connecticut Catches Up to Massachusetts By Adopting a Real Gender Pay Equity Law

Local businessman and state senate candidate Norm Needleman today called for Connecticut to adopt a strong gender pay equity law. Needleman pointed to Massachusetts’ law as a model which Republican Governor Charlie Baker signed into law in 2016.

“On average, women in Connecticut earn only 83 cents for every dollar their male counterparts work, and the gap only widens for women of color,” said Needleman. “As the owner of a business, I know we need to invest in our workers. Connecticut must do more to ensure equal pay for equal work for all Connecticut workers - regardless of gender - and deliver on the promise of equal opportunities to earn competitive salaries in the workplace. Massachusetts was able to pass a bipartisan bill - why hasn’t Connecticut been able to do the same?”

Needleman called for following Massachusetts’ lead by passing a law that:
-Bans employers from using a worker’s previously earned wages as a defense against a charge of pay inequity;
-Imposes strong penalties for companies that violate pay equity laws;
-Protects employees from losing seniority based on time spent on maternity or other family or medical leave;
-Strengthens the requirement that employers provide “comparable” pay for workers performing similar duties;
-Clarifies the state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities’ ability to investigate complaints of discrimination when wages are involved.

Norm Needleman is the Democratic candidate for the 33rd State Senate District which consists of the towns of Chester, Clinton, Colchester, Deep River, East Haddam, East Hampton, Essex, Haddam, Lyme, Portland, Westbrook, and part of Old Saybrook. 

Needleman is the founder and CEO of Tower Laboratories, a manufacturing business. As CEO, he has built the business to become a leader in its field, employing over 225 people.