Lamont, Needleman say Trump tariff war hurts Connecticut


Ned Lamont visited the Tower Laboratories warehouse and plant in Clinton on Tuesday where CEO Norm Needleman explained that the tariff war started by President Trump is already driving up his costs for packing materials.

Needleman is a loyal Democrat who is the First Selectman in Essex and is also running for the local State Senate seat here. He said he'll have no choice but to increase the prices on his consumer products like denture cleaning tablets in the near future. He added, "This is shooting from the hip; 'I'm gonna tariff you, then I'm gonna save you, then I'm gonna deal with you.' This is insane."

It was a made to order event for Lamont who is critical of Republican Bob Stefanowski for praising the Trump economic policies, which Lamont said adversely affect Connecticut. "A tariff is an increase in taxes and a tariff impacts jobs. The number one problem confronting the state of Connecticut is we haven't added any net new jobs in the last twenty, thirty years," Lamont stated.

Watch the video at WTNH.